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Peer Registration Advisors

Peer Advising Team 2016-2017

What do Peer Registration Advisors do?

PRAs form a team of Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Linfield students who are active members of the Linfield community. Their primary responsibilities are divided into the following categories:

Advise and Mentor

  • Proactively contact new students and welcome them to Linfield.
  • Answer students’ questions about Linfield.
  • Assist students with online course registration during the summer.
  • Teach new students to utilize academic planning resources such as the catalog.
  • Support new students’ academic adjustment to Linfield.
  • Encourage students to develop effective study strategies.
Peer Advisors practicing teaching during training

Teach and Facilitate

  • Prepare for classes in advance by reviewing the Curriculum Guide and supplementary materials.
  • Make adjustments to Curriculum Guide to reflect your teaching style.
  • Record students completed assignments and grades.
  • Provide thoughtful feedback on students’ assignments.
  • Track students’ class attendance.
Peer Advisors preparing to teach during Fall training

Collaborate with a co-instructor

  • Meet weekly with Faculty Advisor or Linfield Mentor.
  • Communicate frequently with co-instructor about any student issues or class concerns.
  • Facilitate new students’ connection with co-instructor.
  • Plan how to co-facilitate content for all Colloquium classes with a co-instructor.
All Colloquium advisor training

Serve as a Member of the Peer Advising Team

  • Actively engage in all PA trainings and meetings.
  • Provide ideas, feedback and suggestions about advising process.
  • Build relationships with fellow PAs.
  • Utilize fellow PAs as resources.
Peer Advisors working on team building during training

Questions? Contact Academic Advising:

503-883-2250   advising@linfield.edu   Melrose 010  8am-5pm M-F