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Why should I become a Peer Advisor?

Peer Advisors collaborating during training

As a Peer Advisor, you will not only be making a difference in new students’ lives, but you will also be part of an incredible student leadership team that can help you grow and develop essential leadership skills.

As part of this goal, we have articulated highly valued Student Learning Outcomes that each Peer Advisor should meet.

As a result of serving as a Peer Advisor, you will be able to…

  • Explain how Colloquium contributes to Linfield's mission statement.
  • Build relationships with people who are different than you.
  • Communicate clearly through a variety of modes (e-mail, text, phone, public speaking).
  • Develop a greater sense of confidence in your role as a leader on campus.
  • Explain the Linfield Curriculum requirements.
  • Facilitate engaging classroom discussions.
  • Support new students in their transition to the Linfield community.
  • Communicate the value of Academic Advising.


Individualized goal setting and growth

In order to accurately measure and document that you have achieved the above learning outcomes you will be assessed in a variety of ways.

  • You will complete a student leadership Core Competencies rubric in the spring after being hired.
  • You will complete the same document when you've concluded your time as a PA in order to see how your leadership skills have grown over time.
  • You will meet individually with Academic Advising staff three times over the course of your job to articulate and track the learning outcomes you'd most like to develop and improve upon.

Cumulatively, this intentional leadership development approach will help you be a more competitive applicant for jobs, internships, and future schooling after you graduate from Linfield! Who knows, perhaps you will even discover a hidden passion for teaching, student affairs, or leadership!


Questions? Contact Academic Advising:

503-883-2250   advising@linfield.edu   Melrose 010 8am-5pm M-F