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At Linfield College you will be challenged to look beyond the familiar to understand world issues and appreciate the differences that make all cultures and individuals unique. As part of your Linfield education, you will have the opportunity to participate in exciting international study abroad programs as early as the sophomore year. To further encourage you to study abroad, for those who qualify, the college pays the round trip air fare from Portland International Airport to the destination of your first study abroad experience as long as you meet the academic qualifications (listed below).

You may study abroad during January Term, for a semester, or for a year:

January Term Abroad

Led by Linfield faculty, approximately 10-12 courses are offered each year on-site in locations in other countries during January term.

Semester Abroad

Linfield coordinates study abroad opportunities at 31 centers in 16 countries around the world. To be eligible a cumulative 2.75 GPA is required; some locations require a 3.0 or higher. Many locations, including Australia/New Zealand, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, Korea, and Norway, do not require previous language study to participate.

Many international study locations do require experience in college-level language courses. All Year-Abroad programs require language study and are most commonly taken by language majors.

The locations and language requirements for semester and year programs are as follows: 

  • Austria: Minimum of one year of German recommend, English track available for students who are interested in starting college-level German while abroad
  • China (Beijing): Minimum of one year of college-level Chinese required; English curriculum
  • Costa Rica: Minimum of one year of college-level Spanish required (2 years preferred)
  • Ecuador:
    Quito: Minimum of two years of college-level Spanish required
    Galapagos: Minimum of one year of college-level Spanish, a course in general biology and a course in ecology required; English curriculum
  • France:
    Angers: Minimum of one year of college-level French required
    Aix-en-Provence: Minimum of two years of college-level French required
  • Germany: These three sites for German majors only or by permission from Modern Languages Dept.
    Freiburg: Minimum of two years of college-level German required
    Heidelberg: Minimum of two years of college-level German required
    Munich: Minimum of two years of college-level German required
  • Japan:
    Kanto Gakuin University: Two years of college-level Japanese preferred
    Rikkyo, Aoyama Gakuin University or Doshisha University: Minimum of two years of college-level Japanese required; normally open to majors only or by special permission from the Modern Languages Dept.
  • Senegal: Minimum of two years of college-level French required
  • Spain: Spanish Majors only by special permission from Modern Languages Dept.

A semester abroad is required for students pursuing a minor in a language or a major in international business, intercultural communication, international relations or anthropology.

Plan for your international experience – take a language course

Consider the study abroad experiences that you’d like to have as part of your Linfield education. How might international experiences and proficiency in a language fit your long term academic and professional goals? What are the language requirements for the study abroad programs that interest you?

How would majoring in a language fit in with your personal and professional goals?

Linfield recognizes language learning as an integral part of a liberal arts education. The aim is to provide experience in all phases of language learning and insight into foreign cultures and literatures.

Proficiency in a foreign language and familiarity with another culture dramatically increase our awareness of our own interests and intellectual direction. Through insights into foreign languages and cultures we become more tolerant and sensitive to the needs and ideas of others; we sharpen our perspective on written and spoken English and on American culture; and we gain important self-knowledge and the intellectual mobility and flexibility which are the keys to success in the modern world.

Language study at Linfield is enhanced by small classes to ensure close interpersonal relations between the faculty and students. Students are given individual attention and guidance by the faculty. The development of oral and written proficiency is stressed on all levels. Regular tutorials are available for students who wish additional practice or help. The offerings of the Department of Modern Languages are strengthened by junior year abroad programs for majors and by a variety of one-semester foreign study programs that allow students to experience other cultures first hand.

Students with majors in foreign languages, especially those who have combined their language skills with other areas of interest, can enter a broad spectrum of professions, such as business, law, international relations, medicine, journalism, and teaching.

Prepare yourself for international experiences by taking a language course in your first semester.

Languages offered by the Modern Languages department include:

• Chinese
• French
• German
• Japanese
• Latin
• Spanish

Refer to the language placement information to determine the appropriate language course to take in your first semester.

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