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Information for International Students

First-year degree seeking and one-year international students are pre-registered in a Colloquium section and may also be pre-registered in English Language and Culture (ELCP) courses by the International Programs Office. Follow the instructions to view your course schedule to access your course schedule and view any ELCP courses for which you were pre-registered.  Upon completion of the English Language Placement exam and interview during Orientation, your required ELCP courses (if any) may be adjusted and you will consult with your faculty advisor to review your schedule and make any necessary changes so that you are enrolled in a minimum of 12, but no more than 16 credits for Fall semester. Up to 24 ELCP credits will count toward graduation and some ELCP courses satisfy Linfield Curriculum requirements. To exit the ELCP and be fully admitted into the Linfield degree-seeking program, students must both obtain a grade of B- or higher in all required advanced ELCP courses and approval of the ELCP Coordinator.