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Academic Advising

Academic Advising for New Students

At Linfield, academic advising is partnership. Faculty advisors partner with students to develop meaningful educational plans that relate to students' academic and life goals. Advisors get to know their students' interests, strengths, and aspirations.

2018 Spring New Student
Orientation Guide

Please refer to the checklist below to register for your first semester at Linfield.

Advising and Registration Checklist

Complete the items on this checklist to prepare for your first semester at Linfield. You will receive more in-depth advising, long-term educational planning, and support from your Faculty and Peer Advisors. You can find a copy of this same information in your copy of the New Student Orientation and Academic Advising Guide contained in your New Student Orientation packet.

  1. Reset your CatNet Password
  2. Complete the following required WebAdvisor forms
    • Emergency Notification Information
    • Measles (MMR/MMRV) Vaccination Information
    • My Emergency Contacts
    • Linfield Educational Services Agreement (LESA)
    • Disclosure of Directory Information
  3. Submit your Advising Profile (CatNet ID)
  4. Prepare your course schedule and alternatives
  5. Consult Peer and/or Faculty Advisor
  6. Register for classes on WebAdvisor
    • Transfer students must be cleared for registration by their Faculty Advisor.
  7. Watch this quick video to learn how to load possible classes into your Preferred Sections on WebAdvisor.

Advising Tools

Need help? Contact your Peer or Faculty Advisor!

Refer to the letters from your Peer or Faculty Advisor in your New Student Orientation packet (contact information for your advisors may be emailed to you prior to the Orientation mailing) and contact them if you need assistance. Your Peer Advisor will be reaching out to you via phone or email to be sure you’re prepared to register. Be sure to regularly communicate with your Peer Advisor and check your Linfield email account to stay up to date with important information.

International Students

Refer to information regarding the English Language and Culture Program.