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Major Declaration and Changing Advisors

Declaring a Major/Minor:

Determining a major field of study is an important choice in a student’s academic career.  Some students need time to explore while others come with a strong inclination toward a particular field.  In either case, a major must be declared by spring semester of the sophomore year (or when a student has completed 45 semester hours).  To declare a major, students should obtain the appropriate signatures on a Declaration or Change of Academic Program form, available in Academic Advising, located in Melrose 010.  A student’s faculty advisor must be in the department where the student wishes to major.  Once the form is completed, it must be returned to Academic Advising. REMEMBER: Your handwriting must be legible for your form to be processed.

Majors and Minors at Linfield:

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Changing Advisors:

Students are welcome to switch advisors at any time after their first semester as long as the new advisor agrees to work with them.  The change is made by obtaining signatures from both the old and new advisors on the Declaration or Change of Academic Program form and returning it completed to Academic Advising. By means of processing this change, the student’s advising file will be forwarded to the new advisor.

When a student declares a major, his/her faculty advisor must be in the major department.  It is most common for students to change advisors at the same time they are declaring a major.  A student is required to have one faculty advisor; if a student has multiple majors, he/she may declare multiple faculty advisors.