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Flexibility for Students Affected by Natural Disasters & Community Crises

Natural disasters and tragedies impacting communities across the country have become all too familiar and frequent. If you have been recently impacted, we hope, first and foremost, that you and your family are safe and healthy.

We know that these tragedies can have both an immediate and lasting impact on a students’ ability to be successful in school, remain involved in their community, and continue with their college search and application process. As we move through each application cycle, please note the following:

  • Our priority deadlines have no bearing on the opportunity for admission, scholarship and financial aid. If a student’s interest in Linfield is still strong, we invite their application when they are prepared to submit it – be that November 1 or February 1 for first-year students, December 1 for spring start and April 15 for fall transfer students. For students interested in Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend, a deadline extension may be granted beyond December 1.
  • While all required materials must be submitted before we begin the file review process, should a transcript or recommendation be missing, we’ll simply hold the file until it’s complete and review it with all the information. Delayed school materials will not impact a student's prospect for admission - only the notification timeline.
  • If a student’s current year grades have been impacted, please utilize the Additional Information section of the Common App, space in Linfield’s Member Questions, or send an email to admission@linfield.edu, with an explanation that would be helpful for us to understand the most recent grades.
  • We re-evaluate scholarship offers if improved test scores are submitted after an admission offer is sent. If a student intended on re-taking the SAT or ACT and were unable, we welcome the previous scores with the chance to submit updated scores later. Or, simply wait until they are able to sit for the exams again and send the new scores. We also offer a test-optional admission plan, and accept test scores as official if sent from the school counseling office. In order for a student to receive a full financial aid offer by April 1, all transcripts and SAT or ACT scores should be submitted by March 1.
  • If applying for need-based financial aid using the FAFSA and it no longer accurately reflects the family’s financial situation, our financial aid office would be happy to begin a conversation with a family about the best process to provide a clearer picture.

To sum it all up: whatever we can do to help ease this process, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. We welcome questions from students, parents and counselors. Contact the admission counselor in your area, or the Office of Admission at 800-640-2287.