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What will you discover?

Make an original intellectual or creative contribution to your chosen field. Collaborative research projects with faculty at Linfield will put you on the road to success in your career and/or in graduate school. In the summer of 2019, student/faculty research topics included:

  • medieval diversity
  • narcissism
  • art and activism
  • soil chemistry
  • Arab diaspora
  • graphene biosensors
  • celiac disease
  • World War II
  • dignity
  • nanoparticles
  • stress
  • FIFA and politics
  • DNA repair
  • Marconi Trail

Work on collaborative research projects every year with Linfield faculty.

Present your work to the Linfield College community and at regional and national conferences.

Learn about one project in depth:


See who conducted research in Summer 2019:


Assistant Professor Sreerupa Ray
Abigail Gunning, Avery Moen, Francesca Sheld, Austin Hilton
Role of Mre11 variants in alternative non-homologous end-joining

Associate Professor Jeremy Weisz
Anna Peckham



Assistant Professor Andrew Baggett
Baylie Cameron, Haley Smith, Leah Thompson, Emily Tiedemann, Natalie Wade
Synthesis and Testing of Azaindole Inhibitors of Arp2/3 Complex

Assistant Professor Megan L. Bestwick
Hannah Waterman, Sophia Bauer, DJ Keogh, Lottie Steward-Blanke, Zachary Sherlock, Zachary McLeod
Yeast copper proteins and reactive oxygen species in effecting lifespan

Professor Brian Gilbert
Fatima Falcon Ontiveros, Kristin Hale, Morgan Johnson, Madison Sisk
Development and characterization of noble-metal based nanoparticle targeted drug delivery devices. Cell killers with surface-enhanced Raman based probes.



Assistant Professor Jamie Friedman
Kiana Anderson
Imag(in)ing Diversity in Medieval Texts and Context: From Classroom to Archive

Assistant Professor Rachel Norman
Esmeralda Garcia Vargas
Language and Literature in the Arab Diaspora in North America, 1965-2015

Professor David Thomas Sumner
Madeleine Glenn
Western Nature Writers: A Twenty-Year Retrospective

Associate Professor Joe Wilkins
Gretchen Valdes
“High Desert Journal” Assistant Editorship


Environmental Studies

Associate Professor Nancy Broshot
Jordan Leis, William McCuen
Soil Chemistry and Ground Cover in Urban Forests



Associate Professor Lissa Wadewitz
Kiana Anderson, Melvin Van Hurck
Linfield College Public History Project: World War II as Experience and Memory


Health, Human Performance, and Athletics

Assistant Professor Sarah Coste
Michayla Sponsel
The effect of stressor type on inhibition of voluntary running in female mice



Assistant Professor Leonard Finkelman
Bronwyn Boyd, Colleen Johnson
Natural History of the Willamette Valley: Research, Education, and Outreach



Professor Michael S. Crosser
Tyler Hampsten, Taylor Jackson
Graphene Biosensors for Yeast

Professor Jennifer Heath
Joseph Simpson
Quantitative mechanical and electrical characterization using the atomic force microscope

Joseph Murphy, Joel Toledo-Urena, Becky Smith
Two-dimensional devices: potential barriers and screening

Professor Emeriti William Mackie
Elena Meza Wynkoop
Development of a miniature, low-power Schottky source

Professor Tianbao Xie
Yansong Liu, Robert Meng
Mechanism of heat transfer in metals
Nano-particles magnetic core creation for transformers and electric motors for increased efficiency


Political Science

Professor Nick Buccola
Stella Mason, Alecia Barlow, Lauren Morrison
The Idea of Dignity in African American Thought: From Douglass to #BlackLivesMatter

Professor Patrick Cottrell
Mihretabe Gizaw
Rules of the Game: FIFA, Trump, and the Politics of Accountability



Associate Professor Yanna Weisberg
Rachel Goines
Me, Myself, and I: Narcissism and Identity in Emerging Adulthood


Religious Studies

Assistant Professor Jennifer Williams
Caitlyn Lauchner
Deborah and Melisandre: Pyromancers in the Bible and Game of Thrones


Sociology and Anthropology

Associate Professor Hillary Crane
Carmen Chasse, Maiti Hunter
The Danger of Just One Bite: Narrating Risk Taking and Celiac Disease