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Linfield Curriculum

All Linfield students will complete a set of core requirements known as the Linfield Curriculum, or LCs. The LCs purpose is to foster the development of wholly-educated students by providing an educational experience that spans the arts & humanities, natural sciences and social & behavioral sciences.

The Linfield Curriculum consists of:  

1. The Inquiry Seminar (INQS):

Taught by faculty in many fields and offering a wide range of topics, the Inquiry Seminar builds upon and deepens the relationship between thinking and communication, both oral and written. Recent Inquiry Seminars have included:

  • In Search of the Good Life
  • What to Listen for in the World
  • Hamilton: An American Musical
  • Votes for Women
  • Sex, Love, and Gender: 1390/1990
  • Chemical Free World
  • The Mexican Migrant Experience in the United States
  • Witches, Big Bad Wolves, and Reimagined Fairy Tales
  • Nature and Nurture: How traits are shaped.
  • Evolution of Hip Hop
  • Wealth and Power in East Asia and the United States
  • Ballads, Bollywood and Brand Building: Advertising in South Asia
  • No Free Lunch
  • Language Myths
  • Te Puoro Aotearoa: The Music of New Zealand
  • Star Wars Extraterrestrials, Evolution, and Ethics
  • Game Theory in Popular Culture
  • This is so sad, Alexa Play
  • Cinema and Classics
  • Pharmaceuticals and You

2. The Six Modes of Inquiry, which include:

  • Creative Studies (CS) – art, creative writing, literature, music, theatre
  • Individuals, Systems & Societies (IS) – psychology, sociology, anthropology
  • Natural World (NW) – biology, chemistry, physics
  • Quantitative Reasoning (QR) – math, economics, physics
  • Ultimate Questions (UQ) – philosophy, religious studies
  • Vital Past (VP) – history, political science, music, literature

The departments noted in the Six Modes of Inquiry above are not an exhaustive list, but provide examples of classes that might fulfill the requirements of each Mode.

3. The Diversity Studies, which include:

  • Global Pluralisms (GP) – courses focus students’ attention beyond their national borders
  • U.S. Pluralisms (US) – courses explore the diverse experiences of those living within the United States

As part of their time at Linfield, students will also complete:

  • A Writing-Intensive Course, or Courses, in the Major as designated by the major department. This requirement serves to enhance students’ mastery of the formats, conventions, and habits of mind appropriate to the major’s disciplinary investigations.
  • The Bachelor of Arts requirement of one full year of coursework at the 100 level of language or one semester at the 200 level (depending upon placement); or the Bachelor of Science requirement of two courses in a single natural or social-behavioral science, computer science or mathematics.
  • Paracurriculum Requirement, which includes three credits of paracurricular coursework, including one from Physical Education. Other paracurricular course choices include research methods, personal finance, tutoring, community service, research participation, literary magazine, career exploration, and dance or music lessons.

See the Linfield Catalog for an exhaustive description of the Linfield Curriculum, including learning outcomes.