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Homeschooled Students

Linfield College welcomes homeschooled students to apply for admission in the same manner as students who have attended an accredited institution.

Students who have not completed their high school credentials will be considered Freshman Applicants.

Students who have completed their high school credentials and have completed college coursework for credit will be considered Transfer Applicants.

For either application, students should apply using the Common Application and submit the School Report to include the following information as outlined under the heading:

Home School Supervisors Should Attach and Explain:

  • Name of home schooler's association, if applicable
  • Any information about the applicant's home school experience and environment that you believe would be helpful to the reader (e.g. educational philosophy, motivation for home schooling, instruction setting, etc.)
  • Grading scale or other methods of evaluation.
  • Any distance learning, traditional secondary school, or higher education coursework not included on the transcript. List the course title and content, sponsoring institution, instruction setting and schedule, and frequency of interactions with instructors and fellow students (once per day, week, etc.).
  • Standardized testing beyond what is collected in the Common Application.

In addition, applicants without a high school diploma must provide an official copy of the GED. If the GED was taken prior to December 2013, an overall average score of 450 is required. If the GED was taken after December 2013, the standard score on each of the four exams must be a 150 and the total score must be 680 or higher. We will also accept a written statement from the parent (or other) home-school director explaining that their home-school program has met their state requirements (including the home-school requirement information from their state DOE), and transcripts of studies including grades for courses taken the freshman through senior years.

Students are welcome to submit a Teacher Recommendation from an instructor other than a parent or guardian. If one is not available, a recommendation or reference letter from an individual who has witnessed the student’s work ethic, academic abilities and could otherwise adequately discuss the student’s readiness for college.

If you have questions regarding the process of application, please contact the Office of Admission or the admission counselor who otherwise works with your geographic area.