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McMinnville Admission

Application Checklist

All Applicants

All McMinnville campus applicants must submit:

First-Year Students

If you will have graduated high school and not previously enrolled at a college full-time (including students enrolled in Running Start, Early College or other dual-enrollment programs), you must also submit:

  • School Report – Submitted by your school counselor or other official
  • Official High School Transcript – Sent directly from your school
  • Teacher Recommendation – From an academic course, such as English, math, science, history or language

Transfer Students

If you have previously enrolled at a regionally-accredited college or university and earned at least 12 transferrable semester (16 quarter) credits of college-level coursework, you must also submit:

  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • Professor or Instructor Recommendation

If fewer than two years or 62 semester hours will be competed at the time of enrollment, you must also submit:

  • Official Final High School Transcript or GED Scores

Transfer applicants do not need to submit:

  • College Report
  • Mid-Term Report
  • School Report

International Students

Degree-seeking international students – those requiring a visa – must also submit:

  • International Financial Guarantee Form and Certified Bank Statement
  • Official or certified copies of academic records and examination results from all secondary schools or universities attended. These must be in English and explain the grading system in use.
  • Recommendation from a Teacher or other School Official

Home School Students

  • Recommendations in the following format:
    • Counselor: Should be submitted from your parent or other home school supervisor and should include information about the applicant’s educational experience and environment (e.g. educational philosophy, motivation for home schooling, instructional setting, etc.), grading scale or other methods of evaluation, and explanation that the student will meet their state requirements for completion of high school through a home school program.
    • Teacher or Other Recommender: Should be submitted from a teacher who is not your parent (if available) or another mentoring figure (such as an employer, pastor or coach).

Students may invite the recommenders on the Linfield College section of their My Colleges tab under Recommenders and FERPA. Recommenders will receive a link to set up their Common App Recommenders account and submit the letter of recommendation online.

Test Optional Policy

Linfield College is pleased to offer a test optional path to admission. Test scores are not required for admission, except for the following students, who must submit official SAT or ACT score reports to complete their application:

  • First-year students with a cumulative, weighted GPA below 3.0 at the time of application
  • Transfer students with fewer than 62 transferrable credits with a final high school GPA below a 3.0
  • Home school students
  • Students with written evaluations in lieu of letter grades

In addition to the exceptions to Linfield’s test optional policy, students may wish to submit their test scores if they feel like they positively contribute toward the application for admission as an accurate representation of their preparation for a Linfield education. In addition, students who choose to participate in the test optional path to Linfield will not be considered for our highest merit scholarships. If you believe that your SAT or ACT scores will assist you in achieving a higher scholarship award, we recommend that you submit your scores.

Degree-seeking international students whose first language is not English and completed fewer than two years of coursework in an English-language secondary school or university must send an official score report of an English proficiency exam to complete their application. Linfield College accepts the following exam types and scores for full and conditional admission. Students with scores that meet conditional admission will first take courses from Linfield’s English Language and Culture Program (ELCP).

  • ACT English and Reading: 28 (Full Admission)
  • Duolingo English Test: 85-94 (Minimum Pathway), 95-109 (Mixed ELCP/Select Courses), 110 (Full Admission) 
  • EIKEN: Grade Pre-1 (Full Admission) | Grade 2 (Conditional Admission)
  • IB English A: 5 (Full Admission)
  • IELTS: 6.5 Overall/7.0 Writing Sub-Score (Full Admission) | 4.0 Overall (Conditional)
  • MELAB: 77 Overall/87 Writing Sub-Score (Full Admission) | 60 Overall (Conditional)
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (March 2016 and later): 680 (Full Admission)
  • SAT Critical Reading (January 2016 and prior): 630 (Full Admission)
  • TOEFL iBT: 80/24 Writing Sub-Score (Full Admission) | 45 (Conditional)
  • TOEFL Paper-Based: 550 (Full Admission) | 450 (Conditional)
  • TOEIC: 750 (Full Admission) | 450 (Conditional)

Students may indicate in the Linfield Questions portion of the Common Application (under Preferred Testing Plan) if they wish to have their scores considered as part of their application review process.

If you have already submitted your application, login to the Linfield Admission Portal and update your Preferred Testing Plan. To be considered for Test Optional Admission, you must indicate your Preferred Testing Plan before an admission decision has been confirmed.

Test score reports will be considered official if sent from either the testing agency or school counseling office. To have scores sent directly from the College Board (SAT) include school code 4387. For the ACT, include school code 3466. Linfield does not accept self-reported test scores.

To be considered for Early Action or Linfield Scholarship and Visit Weekend, students must sit for the SAT no later than October 6, 2018 and the ACT by September 8, 2018. To be considered for Regular Decision, students must sit for the SAT no later than December 1, 2018 and the ACT by December 8, 2018.

GED Scoring

Applicants without a high school diploma must provide an official copy of the GED. If the GED was taken prior to December 2013, an overall average score of 450 is required. If the GED was taken after December 2013, the standard score on each of the four examinations must be a 150 minimum and the total score must be 680 or higher.

Linfield College is an exclusive user of the Common Application, which can be submitted to Linfield online without an application fee. Below is the complete list of application requirements based on your educational background. All materials must be submitted by the appropriate Application Deadline to be considered on time and reviewed for admission.