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CarShare Transportation Program

Sharing Has Never Been Easier!!

UhaulCarShare is a convenient 24/7 access to vehicles on your campus. You can make a reservation months or minutes in advance!

How to Join:

With no membership fee apply to be a member at uhaulcarshare.com today! After a quick driving record check, the member will receive a gas code and vehicle access pin. It may take up to 24-48 hours for approval. Once approved the member will be able to Log In & GO at anytime!

Sign up for the Car Share Program

How It Works:

Our online reservation system shows you when and where vehicles are available. Select your desired city, vehicle, and when you need it. The Linfield cars are located by the mail room. As a member, you only pay for what you use; and UhaulCarShare will cover the gas, insurance, maintenance, parking, and roadside assistance. How nice is that!

BYOC – Bring Your Own Cord

We are pleased to introduce four electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on Linfield’s McMinnville Campus. Use your own slow charger cord to plug into one of the GFCI designated receptacles at two campus locations:

  •   Anderson Parking Lot, near intersection of Boardman and Lever Streets (2 spaces; 2 receptacles)
  •   Brumback Street, near intersection of Renshaw Avenue and Brumback Street (2 spaces; 2 receptacles)

Parking in designated spaces is reserved for EVs only while charging.  If a vehicle is parked at a charging station but not actively charging, the vehicle will be subject to citation.  Once a vehicle has completed charging, it must be moved to a parking area for which it has a valid permit displayed.

Happy charging, Wildcats!