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Linfield College


Mission Statement


Linfield College advances a vision of learning, life, and community that

  • promotes intellectual challenge and creativity,
  • values both theoretical and practical knowledge,
  • engages thoughtful dialogue in a climate of mutual respect,
  • honors the rich texture of diverse cultures and varied ways of understanding,
  • piques curiosity for a lifetime of inquiry,
  • and inspires the courage to live by moral and spiritual principle and to defend freedom of conscience.

Concise Statement

Linfield: Connecting Learning, Life, and Community

Mission Approval Process

The Linfield College Board of Trustees adopted the current mission statement in May 2002, following its affirmation by all employee groups. In April 2001, the Board appointed a Mission Revision Committee consisting of membership from all key constituencies to align the statement with the vision presented in the 2000-2005 Linfield College Strategic Agenda.