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Trauma-Informed Community Development (TICD)

A pathway to public health infrastructure

Trauma-Informed Community Development

In partnership with the Neighborhood Resilience Project, Linfield University proudly introduces a new Trauma-Informed Community Development (TICD) training opportunity. Develop your skills as a trauma-informed neighborhood and community learner. By applying the TICD framework you can help revitalize trauma-affected areas by establishing and promoting resilient, healing and healthy communities.

The program at a glance


The second Wednesdays each month between June 8, 2022 and May 10, 2023.


Fully online



Books and materials included

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Completing the TICD foundation places you on the pathway to:

  • Community health deputy
  • Trauma response training
  • Community analysis


Please contact Linfield's Online and Continuing Education program. We look forward to connecting with you!

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