Physics Lab- Linfield College

Major in Physics

Physics, one of the three core sciences, asks the fundamental questions about the nature of matter and energy. If you wonder how everything works and like to solve puzzles, a Physics major at Linfield will give you a core foundation in a discipline with excellent real-world relevance. With Physics, you can investigate the biggest questions in the universe, experiment with practical solutions to societal problems, and work directly with faculty experts as part of Linfield’s collaborative research program.
Physics majors at Linfield might take:
PHYS 215
Modern Physics
Explore the extremes of the universe: the very fast, very cold, and very small.
PHYS 325
Computational Physics
Learn to write your own computer code to solve real world problems.
PHYS 475
Quantum Physics
Follow the footsteps of Bohr, Schrodinger and Fermi as you apply quantum mechanics in studies of atomic systems and nuclei.
For more information about studying Physics contact: Admission.