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Wine Studies

Major in Wine Studies

Located in one of the world’s premier wine regions, the Center for Wine Education at Linfield College offers the only liberal arts wine studies degree in the U.S. Linfield Wine Studies majors take an interdisciplinary view of the subject that encompasses the history, geography, and environmental requirements to grow grapes, along with sensory evaluation techniques, communication about wine, and the processes to make, bottle, market and sell wine. Combined with opportunities for rewarding internships and unique international study programs, wine studies students flourish as they build a well-rounded foundation of wine knowledge and experience that will set them up for successful graduate school experiences or careers in the wine and hospitality industries.
Wine Studies majors at Linfield might take:
WINE 101
The Geography of Wine
Explore how place plays a significant role in the production and consumption of wine.
WINE 211
Introduction To Viticulture
Understand the science behind vineyard management and how grapes are grown.
WINE 212
Introduction to Wine Making
Learn the basics of wine production, grape varieties, wine styles, and the influence of climate and soil.
For more information about a major or minor in Wine Studies, contact: Admission.