Paintings in Miller- Linfield College

Major in Studio Art

You thrive in hands-on environments. You enjoy daydreaming and doodling. You often ask “what if” questions and prefer to arrive at unexpected answers. The studio art major offers opportunities to study a wide range of art-making processes—from painting and printmaking, to welding and casting, to photography and digital design. As an advanced studio art major, you will be assigned your own personal studio space.
You might take:
ARTS 101
Introduction to Studio
Discover creative and critical approaches to artistic practices in 2D, 3D and digital media.
ARTS 250
Explore fundamentals of sculpture, using the expressive power of form and material to communicate your ideas.
ARTS 320
Appproaches to the Figure
Develop technical, innovative and thematic approaches to the human figure in a variety of media.
For more information about studying Art at Linfield, contact: Admission.