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Sociology and Anthropology

Major in Sociology: Social Work/Human Services

If you are passionate about helping people, and want to pursue a career in social work or other human services professions, then the social work/human services track in sociology is for you! This trajectory will deepen your understanding of social inequality and a wide range of social problems, and will provide you with the tools, theories, and methods needed to investigate and analyze human behavior and social issues. Sociology graduates can be found in a wide range of human services career areas, including social work, counseling, public health, social policy, social services, education, healthcare, victim’s services, and law enforcement.
Students in the social work/human services track in sociology might take:
SOCL 201
Crime, Deviance, and Social Control
Examine the social causes of criminal/deviant behavior—such as violent behavior, white- and blue-collar crime, drug use, and gangs—and mechanisms used to control and punish those who break laws and violate social norms.
SOCL 297
Topics in Applied Sociology and Social Work
Explore key issues in social work and applied sociology, such as addictions, homelessness, domestic violence, and poverty.
SOAN 470
Society, State, and Social Policy
Investigate a wide range of social problems—such as poverty, crime, healthcare, and drug use—and learn to evaluate the social policies intended to address them.
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