Buddhist prayer flags at sunset in the Himalayas- Linfield College
Religious Studies

Are you curious about how different people’s beliefs and values influence their actions? Do you wonder how belonging to different communities, religious and otherwise, shapes the way people think about themselves? How different teachings or stories that people consider sacred generate meaning and purpose in their everyday lives? Religious Studies majors seek answers to questions like these, and they strive to understand how different persons (religious and otherwise) have answered them. In our program, expert faculty will help you choose courses tailored to your personal interests, and encourage you to go beyond the classroom to gain direct experiences with different religious groups and individuals in local and global communities.
Religious Studies majors at Linfield might take:
RELS 342
Women in Religion
See how women are depicted in the Bible or other religious literature, and examine the various roles women play in religious traditions.
RELS 320
Pilgrimages: Sacred Journeys
Learn about the significance of pilgrimage in several religious traditions, and go on your own sacred journey.
RELS 373
Buddhist Narrative
Learn how to read religious texts as literature while you explore many types of Buddhist literature from past-life stories to enlightenment poems.
Learning outcomes for Religious Studies at Linfield:
  • Think critically and charitably about religion
  • Engage multiple ways of approaching religion academically
  • Explore diversity of local and global religious traditions
  • Show depth of study in one religion or a group of related religions (ex. Biblical Studies, Buddhist Studies, etc.)
  • Develop problem-solving, research, and communication skills
  • Gain firsthand knowledge of religious communities locally and/or globally
  • Take opportunities for personal growth and reflection
Banner photo:Buddhist prayer flags at sunset in the Himalayas. Photo by David Fiordalis (December, 2010)