- Linfield College

Major in Psychology

Are you curious about why and how people think, feel, remember, believe, and behave the way they do? Why some people in the same situation will perceive and react very differently from others, but also why some situations influence us to behave in ways that we might not even predict ourselves? How social experiences shape who we become and why some people lose their way as they struggle with mental health issues? Joining one of the most popular majors/minors on campus, you will develop the knowledge and skills to answer these types of questions in the classroom and out-of-class experiences, such as internships or independent or collaborative research with expert faculty.
Three courses you could take:
PSY 325
Drugs and Behavior
Explore how drugs impact brain and behavior and drive addiction by changing learning, cognitive, and social processes. Also discover how drugs influence mental health conditions.
PSYC 381
Seminar in Abnormal Psychology
Critically examine and analyze research and clinical issues in the field of clinical psychology including how we study and classify dysfunctional behavior and understand its’ causes and treatment.
PSYC 286
Introduction to Developmental Psychology
In this course you will journey through life from conception through adolescence. You will acquire a greater understanding of the behavior, thoughts, and emotions of babies, children, and adolescents.
Learning outcomes for studying Psychology at Linfield:
  • Basic understanding in areas of psychology such as development, personality, social, cognition, biopsychology, abnormal psychology
  • Ability to read and comment on primary research in psychology
  • Ability to design, carry-out, and evaluate research
  • Knowledge in personally identified and selected specialties in psychology
  • Basic knowledge of psychology as a specific discipline
For more information about our program, please contact our department chair, Dr. Jennifer Linder.