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Major in Philosophy

Philosophy is an eminently practical field, one that develops sound judgment and intellectual flexibility among its students. As a Philosophy major at Linfield, you will take your natural inquisitiveness and will learn to think and question rigorously and originally by engaging with the history’s greatest thinkers, expert faculty, and student colleagues. Philosophy majors place at the very top in graduate admission exams and are valued in a wide range of careers.
Philosophy majors at Linfield might take:
PHIL 210
Sport, Philosophy and Society
Explore the world of sports and games with hands-on activities to better understand the role they play in your life and in society.
PHIL 220
Dinosaur Philosophy
Learn contemporary philosophical themes through the study of dinosaurs.
PHIL 365
Social and Political Philosophy
Investigate topics such as order and revolution, peace and justice, freedom and liberty, power and authority, or diversity, equity and civility according to historical and contemporary thinkers.
For more information about a major or minor in Philosophy contact: Admission.