Microscope- Linfield College

Major in Management

Effective managers are leaders who learn as fast as the world is changing. If you like leading by example, have an infectiously positive attitude, great focus, and a high level of drive for your chosen mission, a Management major at Linfield will sharpen your talents for guiding successful teams and give you the background to be a capable leader, whatever the setting.
Management majors at Linfield might take:
BNMG 410
International Management
Examine legal, political, operational, ethical and strategic issues in the management of multinational firms.
BNMG 411
Team Dynamics
Learn how teams develop, how they function, and what makes them successful as you develop hard skills in team facilitation.
BNMG 415
Business, Ethics and Society
Apply your analytical skills to business decisions that raise moral questions about social and environmental issues.
For more information about studying Management at Linfield, contact: Admission.