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Major in Literature

Literature can be both an art form and a discipline where society is explored and reflected by the imagination. As a Literature major at Linfield, you will develop your reading, writing, and critical thinking abilities, where from your first days on campus you will join peers and professors in continuing conversations about language and meaning. Coursework in Literature gives you the analytical skills, critical thinking, and flexibility necessary in a diverse array of professional fields such as law, media, public policy, and communications.
Literature majors at Linfield might take:
ENGL 250
Identity and Community
Learn to read, write, and think about identity and community across literary genres.
ENGL 344
Secret Lives in Victorian Literature
Explore the hidden stories in detective fiction and sensation novels while thinking about gender, science, and imperialism in Victorian England.
ENGL 298
The Literary Biology of the Sea of Cortez
Sea kayak, swim with whale sharks, and listen to the songs of vaqueros as you follow the literary journey of John Steinbeck in the Sea of Cortez.
For more information about studying Literature at Linfield, contact: Admission.