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Latin American/Latino Studies

Major in Latin American/Latino Studies

Latin American and Latino Studies explores communities in Latin America and the United States: their identities, their struggles, their aspirations. As a Latin American/Latino Studies major at Linfield, you will take an interdisciplinary look at how history, the environment, the arts, and politics have shaped these peoples. Expand your intercultural sensitivity by studying abroad in Ecuador or Chile, and apply your language skills and experience to careers in health, government, international relations, and law.
In addition to language courses, Latin American and Latino Studies majors at Linfield might take:
GLSP 360
Topics in Hispanic Civilization
Learn about culture and cultural changes that have created contemporary Spanish-speaking societies.
GLSP 280
Cross-cultural & Linguistic Skills For Study Abroad
Develop the practical linguistic and cultural skills necessary for cross-cultural interactions before you study abroad.
GLSP 362
Latin American Cultures Through Film
Screen films to study cultural identity, focusing on marginal groups in Latin American societies.
For more information about a major in Latin American/Latino Studies contact: Admission.