Jerusalem- Linfield College
International Relations

Major in International Relations

International Relations addresses the complexity of global relationships in an ever-changing world. As an International Relations major at Linfield, you will study across the disciplines of politics, history, economics, cultures, ethics, literature, and language to gain a solid skill set applicable to a global career. Linfield students of International Relations often go on to earn prestigious fellowships such as the Fulbright, attend top graduate programs and pursue careers in government, international organizations or non-profits.
International Relations majors at Linfield might take:
POLS 210
Introduction to International Politics
Learn to analyze the complexity of the major problems facing humanity today.
ECON 210
Principles of Economics
Study the founding ideas of economics, finance, and opportunity, from agricultural surpluses to global disruptions.
ANTH 111
Cultural Anthropology
Use the assumptions and concepts of anthropologists to study how different cultures and societies organize themselves.
For more information about studying International Relations, contact: Admission.