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Major in Intercultural Communication

The study of Intercultural Communication helps break down barriers in cross-cultural interactions. As a Linfield Intercultural Communication major, you’ll participate in an interdisciplinary degree program with a core of Communication Arts courses. Intercultural Communication students engage the theories and models for understanding the dynamics of human communication across a variety of cultural contexts, drawing upon first-hand experience gained in the classroom and abroad.
Intercultural Communications majors at Linfield might take:
COMM 320
Intercultural Communication: Global Perspectives
Explore the human perceptions, values, and language systems that foster effective intercultural communication.
COMM 255
Communication: Interaction and Advocacy
Understand the connections between communication and thought as you study how humans use symbols to convey information.
COMM 335
Nonverbal Communication
Examine how people communicate using body movement, vocal cues, touch, and physical appearance.
For more information about studying Intercultural Communication, contact: Admission.