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Major in History

History is the study of how small and large events impact and create change. A major in History at Linfield develops your critical thinking, research, and problem-solving skills while honing your ability to communicate with others. Nurture your curiosity and passion for the past via small, hands-on classes, student-faculty collaborative research projects, and in-depth writing projects focusing on a variety of historical topics. A History major prepares you for a swiftly changing job market and a wide variety of professional careers.
History majors at Linfield might take:
HIST 152
Environmental History of The United States
Explore how ideas about nature/wilderness, the physical environment itself, and even animals have shaped U.S. History.
HIST 248
Europe in The Age of The French Revolution
Examine how the French Revolution completely transformed Europe.
HIST 314
The US-Mexico Border Region
Deepen your knowledge of the U.S.-Mexico relations and better understand the complex history of the southwestern borderlands.
For more information about a major or minor in History contact: Admission.