French mural- Linfield College
French Studies

Major in Francophone African Studies/French Studies

The contributions of French-speaking cultures stretch across the globe, especially in the areas of food culture, fashion, theater, the visual arts, cinema and architecture. As a French major at Linfield, you will acquire the skills you need to communicate effectively with people and ideas throughout the Francophone world. Immerse yourself in one-on-one conversations with our assistant from France, join the French Club and study abroad at one of our sites in France in Angers, Aix-en-Provence, or Bourgogne.
In addition to language courses, French, French Studies and Francophone and African Studies majors might take:
GLFR 202
French Culture and Free Expression
Fine-tune your linguistic skills and reach conversation-level French.
GLFA 215
Introduction to African Cinema
Analyze North African and Sub-Saharan films through active class discussion, group presentations, and participation in Portland’s African Film Festival.
GLFR 312
French Civilization II
Discover aspects of French history and culture from 1789 to the present: the structure of French society, its institutions, and its values.
For more information about a major or minor in Francophone African Studies or French Studies contact: Admission.