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Environmental Studies

Major in Environmental Studies

As long as humans have existed they have lived in relationship to planet Earth. Studying and engaging with the environment is of great fascination to Environmental Studies majors at Linfield, who build an interdisciplinary coursework from across a broad liberal arts spectrum. Visit local habitats, analyze contemporary problems, investigate policies, and seek out the factors playing a role in climate change. Students often conduct original research with faculty and, upon graduation, find careers engaged with the environment.
As an Environmental Studies major at Linfield, you might take:
ENVS 201
Environmental Science
Study how humans are altering the planet using scientific method.
ENVS 309
Religion and Nature
Examine the relationship between humanity and the natural world from multiple perspectives.
ENVS 360
Forest Ecology and Management
Take field trips into Pacific Northwest forests to learn the basic principles of forest ecology.
For more information about a major or minor in Environmental Studies contact: Admission.