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Major in Creative Writing

Writers show us how people make choices in the process of becoming, and their works help us draw meaning from our experiences. If your passion lies in creating worlds, discovering new characters and playing with language, you can cultivate your skill as a Linfield major in Creative Writing. From day one you will work with professors who are all acclaimed published authors to craft your own poems, essays, screenplays, and stories.
Linfield Creating Writing majors might take:
ENGL 200
Introduction to Creative Writing
Learn the fundamental techniques of imaginative writing and develop your own poems, stories, and essays.
ENGL 289
Northwest Ecology and Environmental Writing
Explore the connections between the natural world and creative expression across three wilderness field trips.
ENGL 317
Reading and Writing Fiction
Study and practice the craft of fiction writing, producing a robust portfolio of original fiction.
For more information about studying Creative Writing at Linfield, contact: Admission.