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Computer Science

Major in Computer Science

Students of Computer Science get to apply innovation to solve real-world problems, with applications that are truly limitless. As a Computer Science major at Linfield, you will build on a foundation of core concepts within the field while having the freedom to explore personal projects that can change the world. Coursework in programming language, database management, operating systems, computer architecture and security prepare students for a professional career in the field or for further study.
Computer Science majors at Linfield might take:
COMP 153
Human Computer Interaction
Learn what makes user interfaces effective at helping humans interact with information systems.
COMP 305
Software Engineering
Analyze, design, implement and test a software system with your own project team.
COMP 377
Computer Architecture
Take apart a computer to examine its parts and their relationship.
For more information about a mjor or minor in Computer Science contact: Admission.