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Major in Chemistry

Chemistry tells the story of how the chemical building blocks of the universe interact with each other at every moment. If hands-on laboratory work and experimenting with theoretical concepts fires you up, a Chemistry major at Linfield will expand your ability to explore, describe, and understand the world. You will have access to unique opportunities like study abroad, courses in food science and brewing, and high-level research with faculty mentors.
Chemistry majors at Linfield might take:
CHEM 321/322
Organic Chemistry
Use hands-on laboratory skills to investigate the chemistry of carbon-based molecules, their properties, and their reactions.
CHEM 300
The Art and Science of Brewing
Study and participate in beer production and critique the brewing process.
CHEM 382
Research in Basic and Applied Nanotechnology
Examine current scientific research, experimental design, and ethical issues as you complete your own research proposal and presentation.
For more information about studying Chemistry at Linfield, contact: Admission.