Physics Lab- Linfield College

Major in Applied Physics

Applied Physics takes core principles of the universe and applies them to real-world puzzles. As an Applied Physics major at Linfield, you will investigate the biggest questions in the universe while using your skills to design and build solutions to societal problems. Learn to experiment and observe, apply your knowledge to advanced research, and create innovative engineering solutions. Applied Physics majors take their skills and knowledge directly into careers in engineering, education and other fields or prepare for further graduate study.
Applied Physics majors at Linfield might take:
PHYS 025
Machine Shop
Learn to design and build through metalworking and 3D printing.
PHYS 489 
Thesis Research
Complete a semester-long engineering design or research project, applying your physics and engineering knowledge to explore a topic of your choice.
PHYS 253 
Strength of Materials
Evaluate designs for internal forces, structural loading, and points of failure.
For more information about studying Applied Physics contact: Admission.