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Law, Rights, and Justice

Major in Law, Rights, and Justice

The Law, Rights, and Justice major and minor examine the relationship between law, rights, and competing concepts of justice. You will study across the disciplines like political science, philosophy, history, English, business, and economics to explore human rights, rule of law, politics, and public policy. It’s an opportunity to engage with questions about the sources, functions, and impact of law and the relationships between law and freedom, virtue, democracy, and equality.
This degree provides a great foundation for students should they choose to go to law school, graduate school, or the professional world.

You might take:

POLS 312
Rebels, Thugs, and Skeptics: Twentieth-Century Political Theory
Study original works of twentieth-century political theory, with consideration of alternative views of political concepts.
PHIL 170
Critical Thinking
Learn how to use logical and inductive reasoning for arguments and debates.
ENVS 325
Environmental Law and Regulation
Study significant federal environmental statutes and examine current trends in environmental regulation.
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