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Japanese Studies

Major in Japanese/Japanese Studies

Japanese has everything a student of language and culture might desire: rich history, fascinating cultural practices, interesting people, compelling places and global relevance. Japanese and Japanese Studies majors at Linfield receive training in language in a small-size class setting, and choose courses in English about Japanese culture. Intercultural competency in Japanese opens many doors, including teaching English in Japan, translating/interpreting, and working in international settings. Study abroad opportunities place students in the dynamic cities of Tokyo or Kyoto.
In addition to language courses, as a Japanese major at Linfield, you might take:
GLJP 240
Japanese Culture Today
Learn about contemporary Japan’s business culture and family life by studying its traditional values.
GLJP 250
Contemporary Japan Through Film and Anime
Screen films to learn about Japanese society and cultural values in contemporary film and anime.
GLJP 306
Japanese Culture and Society
Explore concepts such as seasonal flux, ego, and ritualistic etiquette in Japanese culture. Offered in Japan, taught in English.
For more information about a major or minor in Japanese or Japanese Studies contact: Admission.