Microscope- Linfield College

Major in International Business

Today’s international business community demands curious minds who bring a range of talents, cultural acumen and knowledge to their work. A Linfield International Business major gets you there by immersing you in interdisciplinary study. Study how changing demographics are affecting world markets, explore technology’s role in shifts in consumption, acquire a second language to engage an emerging global producer, and study abroad to foster your cross-cultural communication skills.
As a International Business major at Linfield, you might take:
BNMG 410
International Management
Examine legal, political, operational, ethical and strategic issues in the management of multinational firms.
BNMK 426
International Marketing
Study topics that are crucial to multinational enterprise: market research, product adaptation, pricing, and logistics.
BNSS 435
International Business Law
Consider contracts, intellectual property and environmental policy as they apply to international transactions.
For more information about studying International Business at Linfield, contact: Admission.