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Global Cultural Studies

Major in Global Cultural Studies

Engaging with our world requires an understanding of how changes in societies are affecting the whole. If you are curious about today’s globalized world, a Global Cultural Studies major at Linfield prepares you to take your first steps toward careers like international business and law, medicine, public policy, education, government service, international service, journalism, or work on international engineering projects or in international STEM research fields. Develop your critical global awareness through courses taught in English while developing competency in a second language.
Linfield majors in Global Cultural Studies might take:
GLCS 210
Introduction to Global Cultural Studies
Explore why the study of cultural texts in a global context is critical in today’s world.
GLCS 340
Introduction to Linguistics
Using phonetics and sound laws, examine the linguistic relationship between English and other modern languages.
GLCS 483
Advanced Cross-Cultural Seminar
Integrate your personal study abroad experiences with your language coursework to examine the role of language in cross-cultural interactions.
For more information about a major in Global Cultural Studies Studies contact: Admission.