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German Studies

Major in German/German Studies

Germany is Europe’s largest economy, with German speakers impacting fields as diverse as engineering and business, cinema and literature, music and the arts. As a German or German Studies major at Linfield you will take courses in language and culture, all the while developing skills that are vital for careers requiring intercultural competency, including the law, international business, teaching and publishing. Study abroad opportunities transport majors to great, immersive settings like Vienna, Munich, Freiburg, Marburg, or Salzburg.
In addition to language courses, German majors at Linfield might take:
GLGR 212
Introduction to German Civilization II
Explore German culture through fairy tales, displacement narratives, and cinema. Taught in English.
GLGR 240
German Film and Society
Explore themes in German cinema from the early 20th century to the present. Taught in English.
GLGR 350
Topics in German Literature
Read and discuss major works in German literature. Taught in German.
For more information about a major or minor in German or German Studies contact: Admission.