Microscope- Linfield College

Major in Finance

Finance takes a big-picture look at of the world of business. As a Finance major at Linfield, you will learn by doing: ride the ups and downs of the stock market as you learn how to analyze real-time data, build your own high-performance portfolio as part of a class, and visit an investment firm on-site. Whether you are drawn to work at a non-profit, for a corporation, or within a small business, studies in Finance will connect your classroom course work to real-life applications.
As a Finance major at Linfield, you might take:
BNFN 444
Financial Theory
Practice valuing securities and selecting and funding investments for the firm.
BNFN 447
Apply strategies and tools to balance return and risk in managing investment portfolios.
BNFN 449
Seminar in Corporate Finance
Use case analyses and Excel modeling to conduct advanced financial analyses.
For more information about studying Finance at Linfield, contact: Admission.