- Linfield College

Major in Elementary Education

Make an impact on children's lives! Our Education program prepares you to be an amazing teacher who passionately serves all students and makes a difference in society. In addition to hands-on classes on campus, you will apply what you have learned in elementary aiding experiences and student teaching during your time at Linfield. Graduate with both your college degree and teaching license, fully prepared to begin your career as an elementary or preschool teacher.
You might take:
EDUC 150
Foundations of Education
Investigate public schools and the teaching profession, including the history of American education, control of curriculum, philosophies which have influenced educators, and laws governing teachers and students.
EDUC 302
Diversity and Inclusion
Examine race, socioeconomics, gender identity, students with disabilities, and other issues that impact schools. Focus is placed on how to build systems of equity and inclusion.
EDUC 401
Teaching Literacy
Explore theories, methods, and materials for developing literacy skills for children in preschool and elementary grades. Match instruction to student’s needs, abilities, and interests. Investigate children’s literature.
For more information, contact the Education Department Chair, Nancy Drickey.