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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Life, at its most fundamental level, consists of chemical processes. At Linfield, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majors learn how to apply their understanding of the interplay of energy, atoms and molecules to the intricate processes occurring within living cells. You will study within the core sciences of biology and chemistry and will pursue specialized research topics with expert faculty. Many students continue on to further graduate study, to research positions or to medical school.
Linfield Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majors might take:
BIOL 104
Genetics: A 20th Century Science
Examine the changing concept of the gene from 1900 to the present, and the future of molecular biology.
CHEM 440
Learn how biological substances interact in living systems: chemical and physical properties, relationships, and pathways.
BIOL 400
Molecular Cell Biology
Study the molecular mechanisms of fundamental biological processes as they apply to processes like immune response and cancer.
For more information about studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Linfield, contact: Admission.