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Collaborative Research

What will you discover?

In your time at Linfield, you can make an original intellectual or creative contribution to your chosen field. Collaborative research projects with faculty at Linfield will put you on the road to success in your career and/or in graduate school. You may even present your work to the Linfield University community or at regional and national conferences.


In the summer of 2020, student/faculty research topics include:


Assistant Professor Shanna Bowman
Isabella Kloha
Investigation of skin cancer-associated Melanocortin-1 Receptor Gene Variants   

Assistant Professor Sreerupa Ray
Francesca Sheld and Aerial Miyama

Associate Professor Catherine Reinke
Bronwyn Boyd, Hannah Shields, and Lottie Steward-Blanke
Molecular and Evolutionary Approaches to Understanding Gene Regulation          

Associate Professor Jeremy Weisz
Alexandra Walter and McKenna Musser      
Macro- and Micro-scale subtidal community changes following sea star wasting disease outbreaks on the Oregon coast


Professor Liz Atkinson
Sean Webster
Characterization of xero-gel and reverse opal materials formed from sol-gel chemistry using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy        

Assistant Professor Andrew Baggett
Poppi Arrasmith, Ronan Krutzikowsky, Abigail Northrop, and Leah Thompson
Development and Optimization of Copper Catalyzed Alkylboron Homocoupling     

Associate Professor Megan Bestwick
Lottie Steward-Blanke and Natalie Wade
The role of yeast mitochondrial copper in reactive oxygen species production

Environmental Studies

Professor Nancy Broshot
Jordan Leis and Trinity Ronk-Degraffenreid              
The Relationship between Fungi and Tree Recruitment in Urban Forests

Health, Human Performance, and Athletics

Associate Professor Cisco Reyes
Profiling the Current Youth Athlete: The Measurement and Evaluation of Athleticism in Today's Youth    


Professor Jennifer Heath
Joseph Murphy and Becky Smith      
Contact barriers and doping in 2D field effect transistors    

Associate Professor Joelle Murray
Joseph Overstreet and Joseph Simpson
Fly Swarms and Complexity   

Political Science

Professor Nick Buccola
Aaliyah Young and Jordan Tate
Freedom on their Minds: Martin Luther King Jr., Barry Goldwater, and the Battle for the Soul of America


Associate Professor Yanna Weisberg
Madison Reimer and Angela McKelvey
Peer-led Bystander Intervention Training: Best practices and application   

Sociology and Anthropology

Associate Professor Hillary Crane
Elliot Curry and Elena Kroll
"God is in the Gluten”: Communication as a Test of Faith for Catholics with Celiac Disease

Theatre and Communication Arts

Assistant Professor Lindsey Mantoan
Kat McCann
New Conventions for a New Generation: High School Musicals and Broadway in the 2010s          

Professor Jackson Miller
Madison Reimer and Angela McKelvey                     
Peer-led Bystander Intervention Training: Best practices and application