- Linfield College


Linfield’s challenging and innovative academic program features a broad liberal arts core. Through Linfield’s varied academic programs, we offer a rich experiential education: one that fosters intellectual curiosity and discovery, and provides opportunities in collaborative research, creative projects, internships, community service and study abroad. Each student’s faculty advisor serves as their guide and mentor in their educational journey.

Linfield Curriculum

The Linfield Curriculum is the core to Linfield students’ liberal arts education. Its four components: the Inquiry Seminar, Diversity Studies, a Writing-Intensive requirement, and six Modes of Inquiry, teach critical thinking skills and provide a rich, broad experience.

January Term

Linfield offers a four-week term between fall and spring semesters in which there are immersive in-class experiences and study abroad opportunities.

International Programs

Linfield demonstrates its strong commitment to international study through its semester or academic year abroad programs, Jan Term study abroad courses, and English Language and Culture Program for international students. Each Linfield student’s first trip abroad airfare is paid for by the College.

Student Symposium

The Student Symposium is a full-day celebration of student achievement held at the end of each academic year. At the Symposium, students present their posters, lectures, readings, performances and much more.