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Linfield College Virtual Student Symposium:
A Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Achievement

The 28th Annual Linfield College Virtual Student Symposium will take place on Friday, May 22, 2020.

This event is open to the public.  Pre-Register Here!

The Student Symposium is a celebration of the work done by Linfield students. This work ranges from student performances, to short films, to research in the social and behavioral sciences, the natural sciences, and the humanities. This year's virtual Symposium features work from 62 students from 21 different departments and disciplines in a wide variety of formats.

2020 Symposium Presentations

Miles K. Davis, President of Linfield College

Caitlin Wulf, "Examining the Impacts of Environmental Variations and Farming Practices on Wine Grapevine Microbiomes"

Krysten Baryo, "2D Design in the Time of COVID"

Joel Toledo-Urena, "Verifying 2D Device Potentials and Conduction with Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy"

Pedro Graterol, "Pushing Boundaries: Hindemith, Clarke and the Sonata Form"

Yansong Liu, "Relationship between Thermal Conductivity and Free Electrons in Metal"

Elisia Harder, "Falling Back on Non-Apology: An Analysis of Politicians’ Reactions to #MeToo Allegations"

Taylor Vogel, Grace Thompson-Johnston, & Francesca Sheld, "Pig Tales II: A Continuation of Forensic Taphonomy in Cozine Creek"

Jordan Keller, "Look to the Quiet Sky: Short Story Collection"

Asa Richerson, "Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for J. L. Kiff Vineyard"

Hannah Carty, "Diamonds, Rosé, and My Fiancé: A Canned Wine Marketing Campaign"

Natalie Michaelis, Galen York, Sungmin Park, & Don Blum, "Sing a New Song with Sounds of Horns, Psalm 149-150"

Francesca Sheld, Taylor Vogel, & Grace Thompson-Johnston, "Necrobiome Species Investigation on a Decomposing Sus scrofa domesticus"

Karina Mejia, "Excerpt from Sonríe Ahora, Llora Mañana"

Lottie R. Steward, "Detecting Reactive Oxygen Species in Yeast at Early Growth Points"

Gilberto Garibaldo, "Senior Recital Recordings"

Kendra LeVine, "Reclaiming Lilith as a Strong Female Role Model"

Tiani Kaneakua, "Excerpt from The Paradise People"

Joseph Overstreet, "Benefits of Nano-Powder Transformer Core"

Matthew Lemire, Joseph Simpson, & Lottie Steward, "Sandcastles: A Math Modeling Adventure"

William McCuen and Jordan Leis, "Soil Characteristics in Relation to Urban Tree Mortality"

Zachary McLeod, "Separation, Quantification, and Visualization of DNA"

Shannon Apgar, Vanessa Bowen, Marques Herrera-Kuehn, Ronan Krutzikowsky, Joseph Simpson, & Carmel Wolff, "Exploring Impediments to Innovation through Linfield’s Interdisciplinary Science and Mathematics Seminar"

Caitlyn Lauchner, "American Pipe Dream: Understanding the Reality of U.S. Separation of Church and State"

English Department Honors Presentations

Jordan Davis, Dustin Lau, Keith Rasmussen, Krysten Baryo, Caroline Hall, Nissa Jensen, Alyssa Langer, & Benedict Ulibarri, "Art Portfolio and Thesis Show"

Kylee Duey & Lottie Steward, "Genome Annotation and Comparative Genomics: Building Gene Models to Understand the Evolution of Genes, Genetic Pathways, and Genomes"

Elisia Harder, " 'Between Two Fires': Gender and American Socialism in the Progressive Era"

Morgan Chamberlain, "Quantum Defects in Diamond: Identifying Nitrogen Isotopes of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers"

Skyler McShane & Maya Pillon, "EAMMi an Adult Yet?: The Relationship Between Features of Emerging Adulthood, Markers of Adulthood, and Age"

Rose Letsinger, "Excerpt from The Golden Hour"

Angelica G. Gomez Horta, Sungmin Daniel Park, Jesse Renee Vezo, & Christina E. Swafford, "Considering Valence: Improving the Twenty Statements Test (TST) as a Measure of State Self-Objectification and Physical Competence"

Jessica Salas, "The Evolution of Love: The Meaning of Romantic Love in Contemporary Society"

Beatrice DeGraw, "Excerpt from Mother Goose for the Graveyard Girl"

Malachi Stalberg, "Designing and Developing a Commercial Delivery Drone"

Elin Johnson, "Underfunded, Understaffed, Overachieving: The Experiences of College Journalists across the Country in a Changing Media Field"

Kiana Anderson, "Self-ish: Examining and Reshaping Filipino and Filipinx Identities Within the Continental United States and Hawaii Via Postcolonial Literature"

Michael Hogan and Breanna Clark, "Improving the Experience of Student Veterans: A Student-Led Initiative"

Sydney Joss, "Stir Crazy: A Short Film"

Tia Elder, Lily Hanridge, Cami Reuter, Erin Burns, Max Bonda, Patrick McKee, & Ryan Clark, "Wine Business Invitational"

Susan Agre-Kippenhan, Provost/ Vice President for Academic Affairs
Closing Remarks


General Information

Descriptions of student work are posted in DigitalCommons@Linfield.

The Student Symposium is sponsored by Academic Affairs and the Wendell L. Foote Science Endowment.

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