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Linfield College Student Symposium:
A Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Achievement

The 26th Annual Linfield College Student Symposium will take place on Friday, May 18, 2018.

The Student Symposium is a celebration of the work done by Linfield students. This work ranges from student performances, to set design, to research in the social and behavioral sciences and the natural sciences. The 2017 Symposium featured work from 208 students from 23 different departments and disciplines in a wide variety of formats.

The 2017 Student Symposium program can be downloaded as a pdf.

Descriptions of student work from past Symposia are posted in DigitalCommons@Linfield.

The Student Symposium is sponsored by Academic Affairs and the Wendell L. Foote Science Endowment. Questions regarding the Student Symposium should be directed to Amy Scholer at