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About Linfield

Mission Statement and Core Themes

Mission statement

Linfield College advances a vision of learning, life and community that:

  • Promotes intellectual challenge and creativity,
  • Values both theoretical and practical knowledge,
  • Engages thoughtful dialogue in a climate of mutual respect,
  • Honors the rich texture of diverse cultures and varied ways of understanding,
  • Piques curiosity for a lifetime of inquiry,
  • And inspires the courage to live by moral and spiritual principle and to defend freedom of conscience.

Linfield core themes

The Linfield Core Themes are fundamental institutional values that embody our mission of “connecting learning, life, and community.” All four of the Linfield Core Themes are infused throughout the curriculum as well as co-curricular, extra-curricular, and institutional programming

Culture of engagement and excellence

Linfield cultivates a community engaged in the pursuit of excellence within its educational programs, across the institution, and in the broader community. Students, faculty and staff develop expertise as they investigate the breadth and depth of their chosen disciplines and professional fields, examine multiple perspectives, apply best practices, and defend informed judgments based on creative and critical thinking.

Integrated teaching and learning

Linfield promotes integrated teaching and learning within and across its academic programs. Students systematically discover and practice making connections within their disciplinary studies and across the various components of their undergraduate experience.

Global and multicultural understanding

Linfield fosters global and multicultural understanding of human differences and similarities. Students, faculty and staff use both theoretical and experiential lenses to participate in an increasingly interdependent, diverse world.

Experiential learning

Linfield facilitates experiential learning. Students apply theory and knowledge to lived experience in order to test and refine their understanding of a subject, clarify career goals, and discover the value of serving others.