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TLS Faculty Workshops Spring 2015

Issues in Grading

Tuesday, April 5th , 4-5, T.J. Day 222, and
(repeated) Wednesday, April 6th, 4-5, T.J. Day 102.

Grading can be a thorny topic which involves questions about college policies, as well as practices that ensure fairness and consistency. This workshop features Questions/Answers as well as brainstorming about grading practices.

Other training topics as needed and on demand:

Kaltura (Linfield’s new streaming platform) 
Response Clickers
Other ideas you give us

Previous Workshops

Writing Across the Curriculum Panel

(In collaboration with the Linfield Writing Program) 
Tuesday, February 23, 4:15-5:15, T.J. Day 222

Across the board, Linfield classes require that students write clearly and critically. So how can we most effectively coach our students to become stronger writers as they progress in their disciplines?

This panel presents Linfield faculty across divisions sharing strategies including:

  • What comprises “good” student writing
  • Ideas for writing assignments that engage critical thinking
  • Suggestions for class exercises
  • Time-saving tips for making comments (and more)
Creating Effective Small Group Assignments

Tuesday, March 8th , 4-5, T.J. Day 222 and 
(repeated) Wednesday, March 9th, 4-5, T.J.Day 102

When they work, small group assignments are excellent learning activities that promote collaboration, independent learning, and presentation practice. When they DON’T work so well, you wish you never uttered the words, “Count off by 4’s…”

This workshop presents findings of a focus group of Linfield students who love/hate small group work, and offers the opportunity to share best small group assignment practices with colleagues from across disciplines.

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