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Blended Learning: Mixing Learning Environments

What is Blended Learning?

"A blended learning approach can combine face-to-face instruction with computer-mediated instruction. It also applies science or IT activities with the assistance of educational technologies using computer, cellular or SmartphonesSatellite television channels, videoconferencing and other emerging electronic media. Learners and teachers work together to improve the quality of learning and teaching, the ultimate aim of blended learning being to provide realistic practical opportunities for learners and teachers to make learning independent, useful, sustainable and ever growing."

Wikipedia article on Blended Learning

Using Multimedia Approach in Education

Development of Multimedia in Education & Education Broadcasting

Blended Learning Implementation Guide

Tools On Blended Learning

You can go to FDL to use or learn more about the tools seen below. Or contact to ask any questions about these tools.

Educational Technology Resources - Teaching & Learning Support's page on the various technologies available for staff and student use.

Teaching & Learning Support How-to's - this page does over how to make and use multimedia and technology in the classroom.

PBS LearningMedia - Find videos and other resources designed to be used in classrooms for a variety of subjects and grade levels.

ELI Discovery Tool: Blended Learning Workshop Guide - Find out more about Blended Learning and see guide units detailing each tool in an easy guide.

Blended Learning Activities Spreadsheet - A handy document to give you examples of how to provide different learning environments with different activities/projects. It also features resources for you to explore.

The Conversation Prism - a colorful overview of the many ways we can communicate online

Promoting Durable Knowledge Construction through Online Discussion - "This paper focuses on practical advice for making online discussions educationally durable. This advice focuses on all stages of online discussions, from designing the assignment guidelines through summative evaluation."

Online Discussions for Blended Learning - A pdf about why using online discussion boards is a great way to improve student learning.

Bowdoin's Powerpoint on Blended Courses and Boundaries: Residential Students' Perceptions - A powerpoint detailing Bowdoin College's experience and response to Blended Learning.

UIC Instructional Technology Lab: Learning Technology for Blended Learning (Oct 2005) - A powerpoint about teaching with technology at University of Illinois at Chicago.

Blended Learning: A Disruptive Innovation - K-12 POV

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