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Linfield Forensics Team

2013-2014 Competitive Tournament Schedule

September 13                                    Demonstration Debate at Oregon State Penitentiary

September 14-15                              Fall team retreat on the Oregon coast

September 27-29                              Air Force Academy in Colorado

October 5                                            Debate tournament at the Oregon State Penitentiary

October 11-13                                    Lewis & Clark                        

November 1-2                                    Lower Columbia

November 15-17                               83rd annual Mahaffey Tournament at Linfield

January 16-18                                   North American Forensics Association Continental Champs (Orlando, FL)

February 7-8                                      Singletary High School Tournament at Linfield

February 14-16                                  Pan Pacific in Hawaii

February 21                                        AFA-NIET qualifier

February 22-23                                  Oregon State University        

March 1-2                                            Hatfield at Willamette

March 7-9                                            Pi Kappa Delta Tournament of the Great West at College of Southern Idaho

April 4-7                                               AFA-NIET at Arizona State University

April 11-13                                          United States BP Championships – Purdue University