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Upcoming Events


Green Chair Meetings April 15th, 4-5pm. Withnell Commons

Greenfield Meeting April 15th, 8pm. Pioneer Reading Room

Earth Week Game Show April 20th, 5-6:30pm. Dillin Hall

Living a Zero Waste Lifestyle April 21st, 7pm. Pioneer Reading Room

Earth Day Photo Scavenger Hunt April 22nd, 8am-8pm. Linfield Sustainability social media

Stuff Swap and Fashion Show April 23rd, 4-6pm. FML

Earth Games April 24th, 4pm. Renshaw Field

Local Foods BBQ April 24th, 5pm. Withnell Commons

Sustainable Agriculture Internship: Coordinate GYSD Garden Volunteers April 25th, 8am-12pm. Linfield Garden

Green Chair Meetings April 29th, 4-5pm. Withnell Commons

Greenfield Meeting April 29th, 8pm. Pioneer Reading Room


Greenfield Meeting May 6th, 8pm. Pioneer Reading Room

ACES Meeting May 7th, 8-9:15am. PDR

Sustainable Agriculture Internship Workshop May 9th, 9-11am. Renshaw 103

Garden Work Party May 9th, 10am-12pm. Linfield Garden

Green Chair Meeting May 13th, 4-5pm. Withnell Commons

Greenfield Meeting May 13th, 8pm. Pioneer Reading Room

Sustainable Agriculture Internship End of Program Meeting May 20th, 4-5:30pm. Withnell Commons

Greenfield Meeting May 20th, 8pm. Pioneer Reading Room

Garden Work Party May 23rd, 10am-12pm. Linfield Garden


Faculty Workshop: Integrating Sustainability into the Curriculum June 9th, 8am-4pm. Nicholson Library